About Leela

Seven years ago, Leela was just another office drone working temporary admin jobs to make ends meet. After being plucked from obscurity and apprenticed to a self-made millionaire, she founded Strategic Anarchy and established herself as Australia’s #1 Information Product Specialist. She’s known as “the chick who can monetise anything”.

Leela has worked with some of the top names in the Australian and US speaking circuits, creating marketing material for a range of events, including those of Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham.

Over the last 7 years, she has personally created more than 100 information products (including 5 books, 1 of which was a bestseller) that have created in excess of $5Milllion in value for her clients.

She has personally (not outsourced or hired someone else to) sold more than $1Million worth of products in the last 4 years, using the internet, the phone and selling from stage.

In 2009, while everyone else was crying about the Global Financial Crisis and the death of the seminar industry, she increased my business by 400% (without employing a single person) and has doubled her business every year since. Her clients regularly experience huge levels of success – you can read more about that on the testimonials page.

Known as one of the country’s best “cage rattlers”, Leela speaks on subjects including:

  • Generation Y Entrepreneurs
  • Business Identity
  • The Identity Principle
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Information Products
  • Business Development

To make an inquiry about Leela speaking at your event, please call:

Gulliver Giles

1300 10 30 50

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Have you got what it takes to learn from Leela? If you are ready to take your life from “someday I will succeed” to “I am successful RIGHT NOW BITCHES!” then you might just be ready to learn from one of the best in the world.

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Let It Go …

A lot of people say a lot of things about me, with varying degrees of accuracy. That’s the price of living the way I do. Gossip. Typically nasty, often hurtful. For a long time, I held on to these things. To avoid being hurt by them, I made them my armor – my pride. I

Why Your Stupid Ebook Business Isn’t Working …

We speak to so many people on a daily basis who are going to make a million dollars selling ebooks or $197 video programs, passively on the internet. Want to know why you’re not making money with that strategy? Let’s do some basic maths… Average closure rate online is 1%-3% – of view. So, if

Namaste, Motherfuckers

Thor often says that I’m in possession of a reality distortion ray. That I can make things be whatever I want them to be. I agree with him – I call it my mind … I am so incredibly grateful for everything in my life right now – the good, the bad and most especially

Wanted: Marketing Motherfucker

As our business continues to grow, and with our move to the US forecast for January 2014, we’re looking for a marketing consultant / strategist / motherfucker to work on the ground for us in Australia. This person will spend the rest of this year training with me, in preparation to take over Australian on-the-ground

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