Mindset, Philosophy
Let It Go …
June 4, 2014 6
A lot of people say a lot of things about me, with varying degrees of accuracy. That’s the price of living the way I do. Gossip. Typically nasty, often hurtful. For a long time, I held on to these things. To avoid being hurt by them, I made them my armor – my pride. I […]
Marketing, Products
Why Your Stupid Ebook Business Isn’t Working …
July 2, 2013 3
We speak to so many people on a daily basis who are going to make a million dollars selling ebooks or $197 video programs, passively on the internet. Want to know why you’re not making money with that strategy? Let’s do some basic maths… Average closure rate online is 1%-3% – of view. So, if […]
Mindset, Philosophy
Namaste, Motherfuckers
June 23, 2013 2
Thor often says that I’m in possession of a reality distortion ray. That I can make things be whatever I want them to be. I agree with him – I call it my mind … I am so incredibly grateful for everything in my life right now – the good, the bad and most especially […]
Small Business, Strategy
Wanted: Marketing Motherfucker
March 20, 2013 5
As our business continues to grow, and with our move to the US forecast for January 2014, we’re looking for a marketing consultant / strategist / motherfucker to work on the ground for us in Australia. This person will spend the rest of this year training with me, in preparation to take over Australian on-the-ground […]